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Sean Penn narrates tear-jerking sightings on Ukraine-Poland border

Sean Penn says majority of the Russian people oppose attacks on Ukraine

By Web Desk
March 06, 2022

Sean Penn is sharing triggering observations  across the Ukraine-Poland border this week.

Speaking to Anderson Cooper in a recent interview, the actor revealed he witnessed family leaving the war-torn region without any luggage, supposedly in the hopes of returning one day.

A 'startled' Sean arrived in Ukraine last week to work on a documentary about the ongoing war.

"We had the luxury of being able to abandon a rented vehicle on the side of the road. This was a startling thing to me; it was mostly women and children, some in groups and some just a mother and her child, in almost all of those cars," he explained. "In some cases, the father was dropping them off and returning, because we know that from 18 to 60, men are not to leave, they're to stay in the resistance against Russia."

"I didn't see any luggage. It was as though they wanted to believe they're going to be able to come back, and there was an immediacy to leave because of the incredible amount of people leaving and how long it takes to get out of the country now. So, the car is pretty much, aside from those who have family or friends that could help on the other side, all they have," Penn continued. "So, in the several miles that we walked after abandoning our car, I didn't see one of those cars move a car length because that line was so slow. And then you get there and you see all those who have walked as well in that crowd."

"I was glad, not so much in the moment, but I was glad to have had the experience of having to see what it was to get through that border ... what it is to just sit there for sometimes days," Penn shared.

He added:"And I think about — there are great Russian people who don't want this war, who don't believe in it — and getting information that supports them because obviously they're under great threat to speak out and to protest, yet some are doing it."

"There's such a closeness between Ukrainian people and Russian people. This thing only makes sense as an exploitation of the powerful," he concluded.