Sunday November 27, 2022

Prince Harry slammed for claim he's 'in the immediate line of succession'

Royal Fans and experts engaged in debate over Prince Harry's chance of becoming king in the future

By Web Desk
February 23, 2022
Prince Harry slammed for claim hes in the immediate line of succession

Prince Harry has come under fire over the claims that he is 'in the immediate line of succession'.

Debate on the Duke of Sussex's  role in the family  has engaged many royal fans and experts who are questioning the Duke of Sussex's chance of becoming king in the future.

Speaking to LBC, Royal commentator Angela Levin said: "What annoyed me incredibly is he said he was in the immediate line of succession."

"Does he really think he's got a chance to be king when he's behaved like this?

"The Queen's got to stand up to it.

"I think she's got to stop him being the Counsellor of State and that means when she can't manage or unwell, they become stand-ins.

"They go to meetings and they sign documents."

The royal expert's comments come after the first hearing in the Duke of Sussex case took place at the Royal Courts of Justice in London, which Harry did not attend.

Prince Harry, who is suing over a decision not to allow him to pay for police protection for himself and his family while in the UK , is facing backlash over his move.