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Prince Charles wants ‘environmental management agreement’ set up for space exploration

Prince Charles issues plea for an ‘environmental management agreement’ before humans can explore space

By Web Desk
February 07, 2022

Prince Charles believes humans need an “environmental management agreement” before they begin space exploration because they’ve already “made a mess of earth.”

The heir apparent made this claim during his most recent chat with engineers from the private firm known as Astroscale.

The company is currently working on technology for capturing defunct satellites for repair or removal.

After hearing of the company’s efforts, Prince Charles requested for the rest of the world to join in.

During his one-on-one chat with Science minister George Freeman, Prince Charles referenced his promise of nearly £1.7 million for 13 new projects tackling space debris.

He started the conversation off by admitting, It just occurred while we’re making rather a mess of this planet, that it might be useful to have an environmental management agreement for space."

“Astroscale is a world-leading technology platform for reducing very, very damaging space debris and helping companies make sure that when their satellites die they’re removed and brought back down to earth.”

"There’s a huge commercial opportunity. As the sector evolves everyone will be required to have satellite maintenance and servicing contracts to show they’re not dumping rubbish in space, and I think the UK could be a world leader in setting the standards and therefore the insurance market."