Friday June 09, 2023

Grenadier Guards 'keen' to have Kate Middleton on board as colonel

The Grenadier Guards have "unofficially requested" to have Kate Middleton on board as their colonel

By Web Desk
January 27, 2022

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All eyes are on Kate Middleton to take on a very important title after Prince Andrew was stripped of his military patronages. 

In particular, the Duchess of Cambridge could make history if she becomes Grenadier Guards' new colonel and from recent reports, it seems that the Grenadier Guards have “unofficially requested” to have Kate on board.

Speaking on Royally US, Christina Garibaldi and co-host Christine Ross mentioned how the guards were “really keen to have her”.

Garibaldi said: "There are some reports that Duchess Kate may be getting a new title, new colonel of the Grenadier Guards.

"She would make history if this happens because she would be the first female appointed colonel of the Grenadier Guards and she would replace Prince Andrew.

"She would be making history. This is hundreds of years of history."

Ross responded: "It would be incredible. It sounds like they are really keen to have her represent them.

"They have gone as far as to request it unofficially. It will be really interesting to see if Kate steps into this role.

"It is a military role, but it is slightly more ceremonial.

"We might even see her in a military uniform, which we have seen from other members of the Royal Family, like Princess Anne and Prince William.

"They have special ceremonial uniforms for the work Kate would do for them. It would be a fantastic role for her and it sounds like they are really keen to have her."

Garibaldi added: "Definitely sounds like it could be history in the making and something Kate could easily step into."