Monday May 23, 2022

Angelina Jolie flattered by The Weekend new song about her

Angelina Jolie feels alive after being with The Weekend

By Web Desk
January 23, 2022

 Angelina Jolie is enjoying every moment of her time with The Weekend. 

A source close to the couple tells OK Magazine that the Call Out My Name hitmaker makes his new muse Angelina feel 'sexy.'

“Angie’s enjoying herself and finds Abel good company,” the source dishes. “Their cozy dinners and date nights have given her a real spring in her step.”

“Old Angie” who would otherwise have hated being in The Weekend's new song, instead finds it flattering that she is the singer's inspiration, adds the source.

“Since all the divorce drama with Brad [Pitt], Angie was worried she’d never be capable of dating,” adds the source. “But Abel’s made her feel sexy and alive again.”

The Weeknd and Jolie initially met over summer for a charity project but "his intention all along was to have a serious relationship," with the Hollywood star, spilled a source

Jolie on the other hand "has been allowing him to wine and dine her because she enjoys the attention."