Thursday May 19, 2022

Sharmila Faruqi to 'fight' Nadia Khan in court over video disrespecting her mother

Nadia Khan shared a video where she was allegedly 'mocking' Sharmila Faruqi's mother for her appearance

By Web Desk
January 19, 2022
Sharmila Faruqi to fight Nadia Khan in court over video disrespecting her mother

Morning show host Nadia Khan is receiving criticism after Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader Sharmila Faruqi called her out for her unacceptable behaviour with her mother.

In a video captured by Nadia, she could be seen poking fun at the politician’s mother by sarcastically praising her makeup.

The video angered Sharmila, who in turn, decided to pursue formal action against Nadia.

Speaking to The Current, the PPP leader expressed her anger over the incident.

“I inboxed [Nadia] and said it is very shameless of you to do this," she said.

To which Nadia, according to Sharmila, replied, “There is nothing wrong in this. I have not asked anything wrong and I have not done anything wrong. Stop using harsh words with me.”

Sharmila added, “She is shameless and heartless and it’s very very unfortunate. I have a lot of respect for people in showbiz, they work really hard.”

She then emphasised said that her mother is a very “simple woman" adding that she had lost her husband three months ago.

"My mother was at Saboor Aly’s wedding. She [Anisa] is trying to survive without her husband,” she said adding,

“You [Nadia] don’t have anything else to do so you want to get publicity and ratings by making such videos,” said Sharmila.

Sharmila further said, “Even if there was someone else in place of my mother, I would have taken action.”

Speaking about the legal steps she is taking the PPP leader said that she will be approaching cyber crime to get the video removed.

“I’m taking this to the head of cyber crime. I’m going to write them officially today and I’m going to take it to every forum. This is not how things are done.”

“You can not use women or anyone else or even men to ridicule them, just for the sake of your own publicity, and free publicity. I as a woman, as a mother as a daughter will not tolerate this.”

“I’m going to fight it out with this woman. This is not what we are, this is not what we are taught and this is not our upbringing,” she concluded.