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Archie, Lilibet’s low-key lifestyle in Montecito mansion: Insider

Check out this in depth insight into the lives of Prince Harry, Meghan Markle’s kids Archie, Lilibet

By Web Desk
January 09, 2022

An inside source just shed some light into the lives Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s children are leading out in Montecito.

According to OK! Magazine, Archie has already taken after his father and has adopted the habit of going barefoot.

Reportedly, “Instead of a castle, they live in a mansion in Montecito overlooking the Pacific Ocean” and it has a “cool playhouse in their garden and Archie loves running around the lawn with the dogs. He’s at the age where he can’t keep still.”

Archie, Lilibet’s low-key lifestyle in Montecito mansion: Insider

However, in moments where he does find the time to sit still, he becomes a very doting big brother to Lilibet who is his complete opposite since “Lili likes to sit back and take everything in.”

The source also gave fans some insight into her features and admitted, “So far, she has her mother’s dark hair, and she loves to smile, coo and blow bubbles. Nannies say she's really an angel!"

Archie, Lilibet’s low-key lifestyle in Montecito mansion: Insider

Not only that, while “Harry sees a lot of himself in Archie Lili takes after Meghan” so there’s an even mix in their household.

Not only that, given their connections within Hollywood’s inner circle, they have already started going on playdates with kids from around the neighbourhood and “Meghan and Harry include Archie and Lili in all of their socializing, so they have a few famous friends of their own.”

Up till now, “They’ve had playdates with Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom’s 16-month-old, Daisy, and David Foster and Katharine McPhee’s baby boy, Rennie [10 months], as well.”

However, the duo has still to become aware of their parents’ fame and fortune because, “They will make sure Archie and Lili get a diverse education and want them to be able to express what’s on their mind."”

"Growing up royal, Harry was often discouraged from saying what he felt, but he won’t dissuade his own children from doing that. With any luck, Archie and Lili will learn how to treat people with kindness and generosity.”