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Alec Baldwin demanding search warrant for phone ‘is not cooperation’: expert

Alec Baldwin’s instance for a search warrant cannot be branded as cooperation’

By Web Desk
December 19, 2021

Legal experts warn Alec Baldwin’s demands for the search warrant is “not cooperation.”

Attorney Christopher Melcher made this revelation during his interview with Fox News Digital.

There he dubbed the move by Alec’s legal team “a spin” and was also quoted saying, “It is spin by Alec’s lawyer to say that he suggested the warrant."

"He refused to provide his phone without a warrant. That is not cooperation or a proactive suggestion. I understand why he would not want his phone produced because it has so much private information on it."

Neama Rahmani also addressed the move with Fox News Digital and added, "The phone may have evidence implicating Baldwin, and why help the district attorney’s office prosecute you when you don’t have to?"

"Law enforcement is looking for evidence of Baldwin’s knowledge, specifically evidence that Baldwin knew the gun had previously misfired, that there were live rounds on set and that the revolver was loaded with live ammunition and not blanks.”

"Phone evidence allows police to ‘get inside someone’s head’ to prove knowledge and intent when they deny it.”