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Alec Baldwin believes he’d ‘go to any lengths’ to undo Halyna Hutchins tragedy

Alec Baldwin admits he’d ‘go to any lengths’ to undo the tragedy that befell on the set of Rust

By Web Desk
December 06, 2021

Hollywood actor Alec Baldwin believes he’d go to any lengths to try and undo the tragedy that befell Halyna Hutchins on the sets of Rust.

The actor got candid about his feelings when speaking to ABC News' George Stephanopoulos.

There he was quoted saying, "I wanted to come to talk to you to say I would go to any lengths to undo what happened.”

He also made it very clear that “I want to make sure that I don't come across like I'm the victim, because we have two victims here.”

“All of what happened that day leading up to this event was precipitated on one idea, and that idea is that Halyna and I had something profound in common. That is, we both assumed the gun was empty, other than those dummy rounds."

During the course of his interview the actor also insisted that “there were a number of misconceptions” about the incident that occurred and also made it clear that most of the revelations made were from sources he “really wouldn't concern [him]self about.”