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Anoushey Ashraf 'rants' about 'personal space' off-screen

'Understand the concept of personal space,' says Anoushey Ashraf

By Web Desk
December 01, 2021
Anoushey Ashraf rants about personal space off-screen
Anoushey Ashraf 'rants' about 'personal space' off-screen

Actor and VJ Anoushey Ashraf is calling out fellow actors who do not understand the  concept of 'personal space.'

Ashraf, who is always big on women empowerment, turned to her Twitter on Monday to 'rant' about all those people who do not respect her boundaries and engage in unnecessary physical contact.

"Just because we worked well on a project together doesn’t mean I’m now ‘babe’ and you can hold me by the waist to take selfies at events. We’re colleagues, NOT friends. Know the difference. Understand the concept of personal space. #rant," tweeted Ashraf.

The actor's fans instantly validated her views on the comment section.

"Does this give a license to everyone to be physically close to her? Not at all. It's her choice to keep people at a desirable distance. Sort your head man," wrote one Twitter user while another added: "I agree with her. Means if she wants to get close distance then its fine. She has right to keep people at her desirable distance."