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Kristen Stewart's Princess Diana is false representation of the royal: Expert

' It took me a long time to move into the actual movie,' says expert Stewart Pearce

By Web Desk
November 14, 2021

American actor Kristen Stewart's role as Princess Diana for movie Spencer  is not how the royal was originally, says expert Stewart Pearce.

Pearce, who is also the author of 'Diana The Voice of Change' said that Kristen's role 'had nothing to do with' The Princess of Wales.

“I thought it was a very unusual take on the substance of Princess Diana,” the Diana The Voice of Change author told Us. “I would say it’s much more to do with the director’s lens into what he believed to be the reality of a neurotic disposition within a woman — who just happened to be Princess Diana.”

He added, “The characterization, the story line, the nature of the way that the screenplay worked, what Kristen did — that was nothing to do with Princess Diana,” he explained. “It was a sort of surreal elegy that was created by Pablo, the director. I loved what he did with [the 2016 film] Jackie. I thought it was extraordinary, you know, that sort of immensely myopic lens into the torture that Jackie [Onassis Kennedy] had experienced. And evidently, he was trying to use a similar psychological investigation into Diana.”

The expert also did not validate Kristen's energy in the movie, as opposed to Diana's calm and composed nature in real life.

“It’s just really difficult when you take these luminous iconic figures like Diana, who everybody knows, and, of course, everybody knows her for her sparkling authenticity and extraordinary immediacy,” Pearce explains. “So when you have a very mannered performance from somebody like Kristin, who I think is a really interesting artist, it threw me off. It took me a long time to move into the actual movie itself and try to bathe in what his perspective was.”