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Prince Harry intends to ‘hold off’ royal attack with new memoir

Prince Harry ‘reconsiders’ royal attacks with new memoir due to the ‘transforming’ healing of Megxit

By Web Desk
August 27, 2021

Prince Harry is reportedly reconsidering his entire royal attack strategy due to the transformative nature of his upcoming new memoir.

This news has been brought forward by royal expert Stewart Pearce and during his interview with Royally Us he touched upon Prince Harry’s upcoming memoir and claimed, “Well I'm sure that they're probably feeling slightly anxious.”

“The spirit of the memoir obviously comes through the inspiration of what he's been through in the last three years in the major exposition that he sought in relation to the emotional autopsy that he has been through because it was one of the constituent parts of the relationship that he established with Meghan.”

“When she saw him the quality of how his irritation could easily move into anger and into rage, and that it was an untold rage, she said 'Look I feel you really need to do something about this'.”

“It wasn't that the rage was taken out in relation to her, it was much more to do with the outrage that was taking place in relation to the way they were being vilified by the press.”

In regards to the book’s contents, Mr. Pearce believes, “I believe the spirit of what he's been through has provided him with an extraordinarily clear landscape of what he was experiencing before from a position of great depth from an emotional point of view.”

“They both speak very spiritually, in the sense of wanting to be charitable and be engaged in inclusivity, in dignity and common respect. I'm sure the memoir will be punctuated full of these qualities of action.”

“There won't be anything in terms of accusation, not at all, he's in a situation of transformation which is about in-support and taking full responsibility for his position in relation to the Establishment.”