Friday September 17, 2021

Prince Harry’s memoir to have ‘huge parallels’ with King Edward VIII’s work

Experts highlight the possible parallels that may exist between Prince Harry and King Edward VIII’s memoir
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August 05, 2021

Experts believe Prince Harry’s upcoming new memoir will have ‘huge parallels’ with that of King Edward VIII.

The claim has been brought forward by the royal editor of True Royalty TV, Nick Bullen.

During his interview with Royally Us he claimed, “Harry and Meghan’s thing is very different because Edward was going to be the king, it’s a very different role.”

“Harry was going to be the second son, he was only ever the spare in many ways so it was less of a constitutional crisis but both chose love.”

“Both chose to protect the women that they felt had to be protected and both are ultimately living a life away from their home because of love, so there are some huge parallels there.”

“I think what’s become even more apparent and more interesting now is the announcement of Harry’s book which has sent shockwaves around Britain and certainly shockwaves in the corridors of the palace.”

“Of course, Edward wrote a book called 'The King’s Story' and at the time, was one of the biggest advances for a book ever, he got millions for it.”

“It was shocking that a senior member of the Royal Family would write an essentially tell-all book, so I think that’s what everybody will be watching now is what parallels are there between Edward’s book and what parallels will there be with Harry’s book which comes out obviously next fall.”

“I think people watching this will probably get even more now on the announcement of that book and should really look at how these two men intersect, the pure intersection is for love of their women, they stepped away from Britain.”