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Pete Davidson ‘happy’ for ex Ariana Grande after she ties the knot with Dalton Gomez

Sources have revealed how Pete Davidson feels about Ariana Grande moving on with Dalton Gomez

By Web Desk
May 18, 2021
Pete Davidson ‘happy’ for ex Ariana Grande after she ties the knot with Dalton Gomez

After American singer Ariana Grande tied the knot in a secret ceremony to Dalton Gomez, many fans were left wondering how her ex-fiancé Pete Davidson would have reacted to the news.

Sources have now revealed to HollywoodLife how the Saturday Night Live star feels about his former flame moving on with the real estate agent.

A source close to the comedian told the outlet: “Pete has moved on from Ariana but he without a shadow of a doubt wants her to be happy and he assumes she must be if she is now married.”

“He doesn’t feel like it is his place to make a public gesture about but also assumes he will be asked about it down the road but the fact remains,” the source continued.

“He is happy that she is happy and he wishes her the best because he doesn’t have any ill will towards her and he wouldn’t expect her to have any for him if and when the shoe is on a different foot and he gets married down the line. It is all good,” added the insider.

A second source close to Davidson revealed to the portal: “Of course Pete’s happy for Ariana and wishes her the best. A lot of time has passed since they were together and they’ve both dated other people since they went their separate ways.”

“He knows Ariana has wanted to get married ever since she wore a wedding dress during an episode for iCarly years ago. So it was bound to happen eventually and he’s just glad she found someone who makes her happy,” shared the grapevine.

Another source revealed to HL: “Pete had a great time when he was with her but he fully accepts that it wasn’t meant to last forever and he’s cool with that. They had a moment in time and now they have both moved on and he’s genuinely happy she’s found love.”