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Prince Harry ‘would’ve married’ ex Chelsy Davy as they had a ‘real love match’

Prince Harry would have married Chelsy unless something catastrophic would’ve happened

By Web Desk
April 05, 2021

Prince Harry may have parted ways with his ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy long ago but the businesswoman still makes headlines.

Prior to Prince Harry’s happily ever after with Meghan Markle, the royal was going quite strong with Chelsy, leading many experts into believing that she would be the one.

Royal expert Richard Kay had made the predication before Harry and Meghan’s wedding that the prince would have married Chelsy unless something catastrophic would’ve happened.

In the documentary, William and Kate in the Future, Kay observed that there was "great passion between the two of them when they're together".

“The tension is visible, there's electricity, there's sparks flying everywhere. You can tell though they have a very volatile relationship, tremendous shouting matches, screaming rows, but then they get back together again,” he had said then.

"I would say that of all the royal romances currently going on, theirs was the real true thing, it's the real deal. And I suspect unless something catastrophic happens, they will marry. But it'll be a very tempestuous marriage,” he added.

Princess Diana’s former astrologer Penny Thorton also agreed, saying: "Astrologically, they are a perfect match, a match like Kate and William, and it's hard for me to see how he will replace her, Chelsy, with anyone else.”

"I think it's a strong bond and we'll have to wait and see what happens,” she added.