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I can finally breathe: Demi Lovato after overcoming eating disorder

Demi Lovato shares an important message to those struggling during the holidays

By Web Desk
December 25, 2020

Singer Demi Lovato shared a touching post as Christmas celebrations kick off.

Taking to her Instagram story, she shared an old Christmas photo of herself smiling and supposedly happy.

However, the Skyscraper hit maker said that she was experiencing one of her low points as she struggled with an eating disorder.

She detailed how she had been struggling to the point where it affected her physically adding that she feels like she can "finally breathe" this year.

"My face/eyes were so swollen from binging and purging so much that day/night. I'm so glad that's behind me and I can finally breathe this Christmas," she wrote.

The singer reminded her fans to seek help and that those that struggle with the disorder are not alone.

"If you struggle with an eating disorder and the holidays are hard for you just remember you are not alone and you are worth the recovery."

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