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Princess Charlotte is showing signs of being a 'supportive' royal

Princess Charlotte's body language in a recent public appearance suggests that she is confident
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December 20, 2020

Princess Charlotte will have no problems when she will take up her royal duties as an expert said that her confident body language, in a recent public appearance, was a positive sign.

Speaking on Royal Rota, Chris Ship narrated the instance where Charlotte had made an appearance with parents Prince William, Kate Middleton along with her siblings George and Louis.

Apparently when the family attended a pantomime last week, the five-year-old refused to hold on to her father’s hand and in fact insisted that she "can do this", while her brothers clutched on to their parents’ hands.

"We were noticing there's a bit where William had held Charlotte's hand because she was a bit nervous at first," he said.

"She then let go of dad's hand. He kept offering it back to her and she went, 'no, dad! I'm five years old. I can do this!'"

It is expected that she will follow her great-aunt Princess Anne’s footsteps and act as a pillar of support for her brother when he will eventually become king.

Commentator Andrew Morton said that it was likely that Charlotte will follow the long tradition which was previously held by all second-born children for centuries.

"The job of the royal child with an elder brother or sister is to be supportive. So the Prince of Wales, later the Duke of Windsor, was always supported by his sister and his three brothers," he said.

"Elizabeth, now the Queen, was always supported by Princess Margaret. There is a kind of unwritten code inside the Royal Family that your job as a sibling is to help share the burden of the monarchy."