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BTS: Jin’s open letter to ARMYs alongside ‘Abyss’: ‘I experienced a huge burnout’

BTS admits to feeling ‘burnt out’ and hurt in open letter to ARMYs following ‘Abyss’ release

By Web Desk
December 04, 2020
BTS: Jin’s open letter to ARMYs alongside ‘Abyss’: ‘I experienced a huge burnout’

BTS’s Jin sparked a frenzy amid ARMYs with his gut wrenching open letter detailing the extent of his past burnout.

The letter in question went deep into describing Jin’s mental health and emotions. Not only did he touch on his feelings of inadequacy, but also penned down candid details surrounding the anxiety and confusion that he dealt with at the time.

The letter is currently available on BTS’s official website and reads, “Hello, this is Jin. Not too long ago, I said this during a press conference, 'I don’t want to share my sad feelings with my fans'. It’s because I only want to show the good things. However, if its music, then it’s different. I don’t want to share it through my actions but I think it’ll be okay to show it through music.”

In his letter Jin even explained how BTS’s success during such a troubling time in his life increased his burnout even further. “Honestly speaking, I experienced a huge burnout and it was during that time that I got an opportunity to think about myself. After ranking #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, we received endless amounts of congratulations but I thought to myself if I was worthy to receive the praise.”

But “As I looked deeper, I realized I wanted to let it all go because I was having a hard time. I received counseling for these feelings and just spent my days as normal.”

There was only one person who managed to persuade Jin into putting his feelings out into the world, “Ater speaking to Bang PD about it, he asked me how I felt about writing about my feelings into a song.”

“That’s how I met the composer Gye Bum Ju hyung and that’s how my feelings came to life. He is a bright and positive person. He wanted to help me and told me 'Let’s write about all the anxieties and if it doesn’t end well, we’ll just try again.' With his positive mindset, he helped me become brighter too.”