Thursday May 26, 2022

‘Prince William should be king’: Royal fans want Charles removed from line of succession

The public would much rather see the young Prince William as the next king instead of Charles

By Web Desk
November 26, 2020

Prince William has been a rather popular member of the British royal family with far more public admiration than his father Prince Charles.

Royal fans are now urging Queen Elizabeth II to ‘shake up’ the line of succession and skip a generation by making her grandson Prince William the next in line to the throne.

This upheaval was especially elevated after The Crown’s new season rolled out, throwing negative light on the characters of Prince Charles and Camilla.

This fueled public opinion that they would much rather see the young Duke of Cambridge as the next king instead of his father, the Prince of Wales.

One Twitter user wrote: "Prince William should be king. Charles has blown it."

Another joined the discourse, saying: "Prince Charles has lost all credibility & I believe that most Britons will not want him as the next king. Here’s hoping that William is a little more intelligent than his father.”

"There is no way Prince Charles should ever be KING. Diana Princess of Wales, The Queen of Humanity will always be in our heart and hope that Prince William will be the King Of Humanity,” added another royal fan.