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Queen Elizabeth will hand over the throne to Prince Charles next year: report

Robert Jobson also claimed that Diana, Princess of Wales thought she was 'more powerful than the Queen'

By Web Desk
October 31, 2020

Queen Elizabeth will reportedly 'step down next year' and hand over the British throne to the heir next in line, her son Prince Charles  when she reaches the age of 95, a royal biographer has claimed.

Royal biographer Robert Jobson said:'I still firmly believe when the Queen becomes 95, that she will step down.'

Speaking to 'The Royal Beat', available on True Royalty TV,  the commentator claimed that the Queen will stand down and hand over the Monarchy to Prince Charles.

Robert also claimed that Diana, Princess of Wales thought she was 'more powerful than the Queen' in the run up to her 1995 BBC Panorama interview.

The biographer reportedly described Prince Harry's recent comments about his subconscious racial bias as 'bare-faced hypocrisy.'

Jobson's comments come just before the 25th anniversary of Diana's infamous 1995 interview with the BBC's Panorama.

'But she did this [Panorama] and I think she thought she was more powerful than the Queen. The Queen thought enough was enough and the shutters came down.'

Following on from Harry's comments on the subject of his own subconscious bias this week, Jobson says: 'I find this bare-faced hypocrisy, coming out from them [Harry and Meghan]

'That period between the separation announcement [of Charles and Diana], she [Diana] actually was on the ascendancy of getting everything she wanted,' he claims.

 Jobson also goes on to discuss recent reports about Prince Andrew potentially returning to royal duties.

'Can he come back from this? No. No way can he come back from this,' he says. 'He has to be cleared by the FBI. If he goes over there, he opens himself to a large can of worms. Whatever he was doing at the parties was unsavoury. Andrew's association with Epstein leaves him totally exposed.'