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Gully Boy Review: Ranveer Singh ascends to utmost brilliance with rapper avatar

Gully Boy introduces Ranveer as Murad, a 'slumdog', who measures his days waiting for Safina (Alia Bhatt) at the bus stop, humming to himself 'apna time aayega'.

By Web Desk
February 14, 2019

When a film, created under the direction of Zoya Akhtar hits the screen, it is sure to take masses by storm. Add in it the charisma and charm of one of the most exceptional actors of contemporary times and you will get an entertainer that is destined to excel beyond the altering figures of the box office, leaving a lasting impression etched in the minds of the audiences forever.

Woven bit by bit, scene by scene and dialogue by dialogue to utmost perfection, Gully Boy is not just any other film. Chronicling the awakening, birth, struggle, trials and tribulations and the ultimate ascension of an underground rapper from Mumbai, Gully Boy is the pride of all such aspiring artists who might not hail from privileged backgrounds, yet dare to dream big.

While the movie has mustered ample praises from critics who have lauded Ranveer's and Alia's performance in the film as their career best, the Indian media has been perpetually showering the actors and makers of the Gully Boy with an abundance of admiration too.

Gully Boy introduces Ranveer as Murad, a 'slumdog', who measures his days waiting for Safina (Alia Bhatt) at the bus stop, humming to himself 'apna time aayega'.

According to India Today, "Ranveer Singh throws his lot behind Murad. From the kohl in his eyes to the pain in his lyrics, Ranveer brings the story of a slumdog alive on the big screen. His accent is on point. He digs his claws into his character and comes out with a performance to remember.

Alia Bhatt brings her effusive charm on screen in Gully Boy. In her limited screentime, the Bhatt kid shows what stuff she is made of. She beats up girls who try to flirt with her boyfriend. She is a feisty Muslim girl who neither the hijab nor the walls of her house can restrict. For every door that is slammed on her face, she finds a window to get ahead. Metaphorically and otherwise."

As per Huffington Post, " Zoya Akhtar, arguably, has made the best Hindi film in at least a decade.

This is a film about radical individualism winning over collectivism and about art functioning as both - an escape as well as a reality check.

It’s a film that knows its beats and captures a cultural milieu that has long lacked mainstream representation.

More importantly, this is a film that knows and capitalises on the very reason we go to the movies in the first place - to keep hoping.

Meanwhile, Haroon Rashid, a film critic and senior journalist associated with BBC, believed the film will define a generation.

"Gully Boy is exceptional. What incredible performance. I know this will be hard to believe but both @RanveerOfficial & @aliaa08 have outdone themselves. This film will define a generation," wrote Rashid on Twitter.