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Zara Tindall treated differently compared to Peter Phillips at Wimbledon

The couple did not have seats in Centre Court's coveted royal box

By Web Desk
July 11, 2024
Zara and Mike did not secure seats in the box
Zara and Mike did not secure seats in the box 

Zara and Mike Tindall are accustomed to receiving tickets to some of the most prestigious sporting events in town, and today was no exception as they attended Wimbledon to watch the quarter-final action on Centre Court. 

Despite being favourites among royal fans and having royal relatives, one might assume they would be seated in the prestigious royal box.

However, it was actually Zara's older brother Peter Phillips, Princess Anne's eldest son, who enjoyed a seat in the royal box alongside his new girlfriend, Harriet Sperling, and Queen Camilla. 

Zara and Mike, on the other hand, did not secure seats in the box and instead sat elsewhere during their day at the tennis.

The reason for this seems to be related to one of Zara's roles. Apart from being a champion equestrian, she is also a brand ambassador for several luxury firms, including Rolex, a major sponsor of the tournament. 

Therefore, she sat in seats reserved for Rolex invitees rather than with her brother, his girlfriend, and their aunt Camilla.

Similarly, the parents of the Princess of Wales also attended Wimbledon recently but were not seated in the royal box. Instead, they too enjoyed prestigious seats during their visit last week.

Entry to the royal box is strictly by invitation only and is reserved for a select group that includes heads of government, tennis figures, commercial partners, members of the British armed forces, prominent media organizations, and supporters of British tennis, among others.

Meanwhile, Queen Camilla enjoyed a relaxing surprise trip to Wimbledon today to watch the quarter-final action on Centre Court.