Tuesday July 16, 2024

BTS' Jin sacrifices post-military discharge parties for BTS ARMY

Jin from BTS makes heartwarming confession for BTS ARMY ahead of 'Super Tuna release'

By Web Desk
July 10, 2024
BTS sensation Jin hosted an event for his fans, post-military discharge to hug 1000 fans

Jin from BTS melted his fans’ hearts as he prioritised their happiness over his own.

In a recent interview with Weverse Magazine, the oldest member of the widely acclaimed South Korean boy band revealed he has postponed several of his engagements after being discharged from the military services in order to meet his fans.

"When I left the army, I postponed everything so I could meet the fans," he made the heartwarming confession. "I told my family and friends ahead of time, 'I need to see ARMY, so I’d appreciate it if you didn’t ask about throwing any parties for my discharge until after this week.'"

The Moon crooner further shared that despite others persisting him to enjoy some time with them, taking a break from his ventures, he politely turned them down to make time for his fans.

"All that other stuff could wait. Seeing my fans is my top priority," Jin, 31, said, adding, "I have to show my gratitude before I do anything else, I think."

"ARMY supports me, and they really make me happy," referring to the BTS’ dedicated fans, Jin concluded, "They’re incredibly important to me, so it just makes sense that I’d think to put my time with them first."

Since his release from the duty on June 12, Jin has been busy fulfilling the promises he made to his fans before his military enlistment.

Just a day after his discharge from the army, he attended the FESTA 2024 celebrations, organised an event to give 1000 hugs to fans, and is currently working on releasing Super Tuna and appearing in some variety shows.