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Megan Fox spills plastic surgery secrets in interview with Alex Cooper

Megan Fox reveals $30,000 breast augmentation decision on Call Her Daddy

By Web Desk
July 09, 2024
Megan Fox talks cosmetic procedures on podcast.
Megan Fox talks cosmetic procedures on podcast.

Alex Cooper, host of the popular podcast Call Her Daddy, has revealed the surprising demand made by Megan Fox before agreeing to appear on her show. 

Known initially for her sex advice, Cooper has pivoted to interviewing Hollywood heavyweights, securing exclusive insights into stars like Post Malone and now, Megan Fox. 

With her recent marriage to movie producer Matt Kaplan, Cooper reflects on her podcast's evolution into Gen Z's Hollywood guide.

During a recent appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, Alex Cooper disclosed an amusing detail about her interview with Megan Fox. 

Known for her style, Cooper shared that she typically sits on the right side during interviews. When asked if it was because it's her better side, Cooper confirmed, "Absolutely."

She revealed, however, that she made an exception for Megan Fox, who insisted on sitting in her usual spot. 

"The only time that I have switched is when Megan Fox was like, I will come but I have to sit in your seat," he recalled. 

"I was like, Absolutely sweetie, come," she added, noting the accommodation.

Seth Meyers joined in, quipping that his own show might have faced cancellation if he had to give up his seat. 

The Hollywood star clarified that while she has undergone several enhancements, she refuted exaggerated claims, including rumors of multiple nose jobs. 

She openly discussed spending $30,000 on breast augmentation, referring to it as opting for the "biggest boobs that could fit in my body."