Saturday July 20, 2024

Taylor Swift forces Prince William to act like Louis

Prince William's viral dance video gets a tile

By Web Desk
June 24, 2024

Prince William, who's going viral for his killer dance moves at Taylor Swift's concert in London, is being compared to his youngest son Prince Louis who missed the surprise royal appearance on Friday.

However, it was pop superstar Swift's magic that forced the royal to act like a child to her hit single at the show.

 Reacting to the Prince of Wales' dance, social media users said William was 'having the time of his life,' joking: 'Now we know where Louis gets his moves from'.

The future King's video, showing him jiving to Swift's hit single "Shake It Off", was uploaded to TikTok on Friday. It has been viewed tens of millions of times around the world in just less than a week, sparking a frenzy both from the public and from legions of the pop icon's fans.

As the Cruel Summer hitmaker Swift began sings the lyrics: "And the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate; baby, I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake," Kate Middleton's husband went wild, bopping his head, flailing his arms and mouthing the lyrics above the packed venue.

Some of his fans reacted to the clip with the words: "The greatest video of Prince William ever," referring to William as "positively unhinged in the best of ways"

One wrote: "He dances exactly how I expected him to".

While others drew parallels between his moves and those of Hugh Grant in 2003 film Love Actually, and expressed their surprise at his apparent "Swiftie" status.

But it was one comparison which has made waves in the aftermath of the video went, to Prince Louis.

One fan wrote: "You can tell where Prince Louis gets his moves from!"

Another said: "He's having the time of his life! Now we know where Louis gets his moves from."

The commentators were referring to the infamous impromptu dance routine showed off by the Prince of Wales's youngest son in the stands of the late Queen's "Platinum Party at the Palace" concert in 2022.

After the show, both Kensington Palace and Taylor Swift shared images of the royals meeting the pop star backstage at the concert, with Swift's boyfriend Travis Kelce also making an appearance.