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Celine Dion was ‘very nervous’ presenting Taylor Swift with Grammy amid SPS

Celine Dion admits she was worried about her Stiff Person Syndrome symptoms flaring up on stage

By Web Desk
June 16, 2024
Celine Dion presented Taylor Swift with her fourth ever Album of the Year Grammy Award

Céline Dion felt honoured to present fellow artist Taylor Swift with her fourth Grammy Award for Album of the Year, but she was “really nervous” that her Stiff Person Syndrome would flare up on stage.

In People Magazine’s latest cover story, the Queen of Power Ballads, 56, reflected on the iconic night earlier this year in February.

“It was an honour for me that they thought of me to present to Taylor Swift. It was [her] fourth [time] winning this award, which is exceptional,” Dion begin, further admitting, “It was going to be my first time [back at the Grammys], and I didn’t want to feel wobbly. I was going to be very, very nervous and happy at the same time.”

Dion’s nervousness stemmed from her ongoing battle with Stiff Person Syndrome – having revealed her diagnosis in 2022 – and her fear of having an attack on stage.

She was particularly unsure whether her symptoms would flare up should she become overstimulated by the crowd and the applause.

But everything went smoothly from the moment Dion walked up to stage and received a standing ovation.

She recalled, “When I felt that love, I had no doubt that [this is what] I miss and what I want. To see that I’m still in it and that they allowed me to be there… I enjoyed every moment.”