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King Charles makes royal fans worried with his new move

King Charles saluted the Irish Guards in the rain

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June 15, 2024
The King is undergoing treatment for cancer
The King is undergoing treatment for cancer

King Charles caused concern among royal fans during the parade today.

Fans of the monarch took to social media to express their frustration about him being left to stand in the rain during today's Trooping the Colour salute. King Charles saluted the Irish Guards in the rain, prompting concern among his admirers about his health.

“It’s a long old day for King Charles to stand in the rain tbh,” one person wrote on the social media app X. “Why is the king standing in the rain getting cold???” another person asked. “He will get pneumonia !!! Get him in!” One person said that someone “Could have got him a covered stand.”

The King, 75, is undergoing treatment for cancer. During today’s celebrations, he was seen riding in a carriage, not the same as his traditional use of horseback. He waved a gloved hand at supporters as the procession continued alongside The Queen, who was also seen waving.

Scores of royal fans lined the parade route in central London, despite the rain. Many will have been pleased to see the Princess of Wales in her first public appearance since her own cancer diagnosis.

Body language expert Judi James analysed the balcony appearance and believes that Charles was openly showing his adoration for his "beautiful daughter-in-law".

 She told The Mirror: "Charles let his feelings of pride and even gratitude towards his beautiful daughter-in-law be made obvious on their balcony appearance.

"Kate was treated by Charles as both a status equal and a cherished relation. Placed directly next to him in the line-up, it was Kate who was given the majority of the King’s attention. Their chats looked animated and ended in shared laughter a couple of times. The way Kate leant in towards Charles to talk at the start suggested this is a mutually-supportive relationship.

"Kate relaxed as the chats went on and by the end of the appearance her wide, fun, dimpled smile had returned. Charles also seemed grateful for the empathetic bond with Kate as by the singing of the anthem he was looking brought close to tears by the crowd’s support for them both.

"Kate and William treated the fans to one look of love that came after William had amused the children and Kate had made Charles laugh. 

"It was a small but hugely telling glance that was exchanged between them, with William’s puckered smile showing supressed emotions of love, affection and gratitude, while Kate flashed back that dimpled and very congruent smile of delight to let her husband know all was well and the day had been a success."