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Sharon Osbourne mocks Katie Price over looks and singing

The Osbournes collectively disses the singer and body-shamed her

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June 15, 2024
Sharon Osbourne mocks Katie Price over looks and singing
Sharon Osbourne mocks Katie Price over looks and singing

Sharon Osbourne has ignited an unexpected feud by criticising Katie Price's physical appearance and singing abilities on her podcast.

Joined by her family, including husband Ozzy and children Kelly and Jack, the former X Factor judge expressed her admiration for Katie's ex-husband Peter Andre before turning her attention to Katie herself.

The Osbournes collectively poked fun at Katie's post-surgery look and mocked her singing voice, with Sharon leading the charge.

She said: "Peter Andre, I was saying, we like him, he's a really good guy. But singing, with, she was, oh my god." As Jack replied: "Katie Price, not such a good singer. All the confidence." Sharon then went on to ask her family: "Have you seen her lately?"

Jack hinted he was going through a hard time when he worked with Katie a few years ago, saying: "It was a rough scene when I did a project with her six years ago."

Sharon continued to talk about the mum-of-five and added: "You came back, and you were like, 'I have never, ever experienced..." Kelly then confessed about a time she came face to face with Katie, saying: "She was annoying me on a flight one time and I gave her sleeping pills, she fell asleep the whole flight."

Ozzy, 75, interposed and said he "can't believe" that people "still want to read about her".

Sharon replied: "She's covered in tattoos now, covered. And she keeps going back to Turkey for Turkey teeth and Turkey breasts. She's looking pretty rough, unfortunately. And she was a beautiful woman at one point."

Ozzy disagreed: "I wouldn't go that far," but Sharon said: "Oh she was. Then she started chopping herself up."

But Kelly soon pointed out that she and her mom, Sharon, have also visited the surgeon several times. The family then listened to a clip of Katie and Pete singing "A Whole New World" together.

Jack said: "That's not the (bad) version. I heard a version that made me want to live in a whole new world."