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Tom Brady shares insight into his retirement diet

Tom Brady reveals he eats the food he likes while discussing about his diet during retirement

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June 14, 2024
Tom Brady opens up about his retirement diet plan
Tom Brady opens up about his retirement diet plan

Tom Brady has recently shared insight into his retirement diet.

“I had 28 years of really intense physical conditioning, so that never gets too far away from me,” said Tom in a new interview with PEOPLE.

The former football star, who won seven Super Bowl victories, told the outlet, “My thing is, if I'm going to eat ice cream, I want to eat good ice cream. I'm not going to buy some 7-Eleven ice cream.”

“I want gelato. Here we go. You know what I mean? That's how you should do it,” remarked the 46-year-old.

Tom, who was inducted at New England Patriots Hall of Fame, mentioned, “I don't think it's a diet. I think it's just a lifestyle, and I don't think it's super regimented.”

Elaborating on what he usually ate, Tom noted, “It's not that I think I'm about 85% of the time really good and then 10, 15% of the time it's kind of like, ‘All right, we're in a great place. Let's have some good food.’”

“I ate the way that I ate because it helped me perform. So, it's like, why change?” he continued.

Tom pointed out that he “couldn't even go back to eating the bad food that maybe I ate in the past just because I wouldn't even feel good.

“I already like the stuff I like anyway. It's not like I'm eating stuff I don't like. I just eat the food I like,” reflected the former football quarterback.

Tom added, “It's just over years, my tastes have changed and adapted to probably a little healthier food.”