Sunday July 14, 2024

Prince Harry reaction over missing Trooping the Colour: 'hurt'

The Duke of Sussex’s royal ties remain fraught

By Web Desk
June 14, 2024
Princess Kate is another royal not expected to attend the ceremony 

Prince Harry will be “hurt” by not being able to attend this week’s Trooping the Colour celebrations, according to royal commentator Michael Cole. 

The Duke of Sussex’s relationship with the royal family remains strained following a series of shocking accusations made by him and his wife, Meghan Markle. The couple rarely visits the UK, and it appears they will miss this weekend’s important ceremony as well.

Speaking on GB News, Cole said Harry will be “hurt” at not being able to attend due to his connections with the army.

“They will not be there, the California Two will be staying away”, he said.

“I’m sure that hurts him because he had his best life when he was in the army, in the Air Corps and on the Household Cavalry.

“I’m sure if hurts him that he doesn’t have these associations because he prized them most highly. But in this life, isn’t it true that you make your bed, you lie in it?”

Princess Kate is another royal not expected to attend the ceremony as she continues her cancer recovery.

Some have backed the Princess to make a fleeting appearance on the balcony, which according to Cole would be an “extremely good thing”.