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Cher shares she used auto-tune for the first time for her song, ‘Believe’

Cher opens up about using auto-tune for her song in 1998

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June 12, 2024
Cher reveals she used auto-tune for her song, Believe
Cher reveals she used auto-tune for her song, Believe

Cher has recently recounted how her song Believe was the first auto-tuned track during an appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show on June 11.

“My record ‘Believe’ was the first time auto-tune was ever used. It was called pitch machine, and it happened because of an argument that I had with my producer, And I love him,” said the singer.

Addressing her argument with co-producer Mark Taylor, Cher mentioned, “We never had any other argument, but we were doing the song, and the chorus sang itself, but the verse was just– it laid there and laid there.”

Cher revealed how Mark kept telling her to sing the verse “better,” to which she replied, “I’m singing it as good as I can.”

“Mark still insisted that the vocalist sing it better,” remarked the songstress.

Cher told Jennifer, “You know, you want someone to sing it better, get another singer.”

“And then I walked out. But then he called me the next day, and he said, ‘Cher, I just got this thing in, it’s called a pitch machine. And I’m doing some things and give me a couple hours and then come in ‘cause I think I’ve got something really interesting,’” explained the iconic singer.

This year marked the 26th anniversary of Cher’s 1998 Believe album.

However, the songstress seemed less than impressed with the project’s title comeback hit while reflecting on it in a Today show interview in November.

“It’s not that amazing, OK? It pissed me off,” remarked Cher.

Earlier this year, Cher earned icon award at the iHeartRadio Music Awards and during her acceptance speech, she said, “I don't usually talk about it, but I have been down and out so many times that you cannot believe.”

“From my experiences, have a dream, and then don't give it up no matter what happens. Because I know from my own experience that if you have a dream and you stick with it, you will have a wonderful life and it probably will come true. And that's it for me,” she added.