Wednesday June 19, 2024

Tom Cruise to perform his most daring stunts yet in upcoming ‘MI8’ film

Tom Cruise’s stunts in ‘Dead Reckoning Part 2’ will make all previous stunts ‘pale in comparison’

By Web Desk
June 11, 2024
‘Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part 2” is expected to release in 2025
‘Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part 2” is expected to release in 2025

Tom Cruise wants to completely outdo himself with the new Mission Impossible film.

Well-known for performing his own stunts, the 61-year old action star will take on some of his biggest stunts yet the upcoming eighth iteration, Dead Reckoning Part Two, making his previous iconic feats like jumping off a cliff on a motorcycle and hang off the side of a plane as it takes off look like a cake walk.

Speaking to Business Insider, Cruise’s co-star Shea Whigham – who plays US Intelligence agent Jasper Briggs assigned to track down Cruise’s Ethan Hunt – revealed that these stunts will have viewer’s absolutely “floored”

“Tom Cruise does stuff that’s gonna make number seven pale in comparison,” Whigham said, adding that, “He’s unbelievable in the next one.”

“What he’s doing now, people are going to be floored,” he reiterated. .

“He wants to make this one like an adventure film, and he and McQuarrie have an idea of what they want to do with it. So it’s going to be amazing,” Whigham concluded.

Dead Reckoning Part 2 has faced multiple pushbacks on its release date and is currently expected to hit the screens in 2025.