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Prince William left 'worried' by Kate Middleton's cynical remarks

Kate Middleton finds new way to cope with cancer despite Prince William's support

By Web Desk
June 10, 2024
Prince William left worried by Kate Middletons cynical remarks
Prince William left 'worried' by Kate Middleton's cynical remarks

Kate Middleton, who is currently undergoing preventative cancer treatment, is choosing to look at the brighter side of her health woes.

The Princess of Wales appears to have a joke she often tells her worrying husband Prince William to calm him down, via Life & Style Magazine.

"William worries, but she reassures him it’s all going to be OK," the insider revealed. "She even jokes about all the money she’s saving on her wardrobe by skipping out on royal events."

While Princess Kate may have used some dark humour to comfort her husband, she is diligent about her medical appointments and has made sure she is on top of things.

The update comes amid news that the Prince of Wales is feeling lonely amid his wife's health woes and bearing the burden of royal duties as his cancer-stricken father King Charles takes it easy amid treatments.

Photographer Helena Chard told Fox News Digital that William must be going through a "lonely time" even if he "values every moment he spends with his wife as a doting husband and family man."

She added, "Prince and Princess of Wales have had time to reflect on life while the princess has been undergoing treatment. They have spent as much time together as possible and, I can imagine, are closer than ever."