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Princess Beatrice ex-boyfriend's autopsy report reveals shocking details

Princess Beatrice’s ex-boyfriend Paolo Liuzzo death: New shocking details revealed

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June 10, 2024
Princess Beatrice’s ex-boyfriend Paolo Liuzzos cause of death revealed
Princess Beatrice’s ex-boyfriend Paolo Liuzzo's cause of death revealed

Paolo Liuzzo, Princess Beatrice's ex-boyfriend, was found dead in a Miami hotel room in February this year.

The 41-year-old's autopsy report revealed new details about his sudden death at a hotel not far from his listed address.

The autopsy report shows that Liuzzo died after overdosing on a combination of drugs including fentanyl, cocaine, ketamine and the street drug bromazolam (a synthetic benzo).

The report obtained by the Daily Mail said that he had died of " acute combined drug toxicity" and stated "police impounded extensive drug paraphernalia from the scene."

His body was flown back to his family in Long Island, New York, for a funeral on February 16.

Liuzzo , who was just 23 when he allegedly dated Prince Andrew's eldest daughter aged 17, suffered from a drug problem and had racked up huge gambling debts at the time.

"Paolo was not doing great on a personal level. He loved to party and gamble, a friend of Liuzzo told The Sun.

Paolo Liuzzo was just 23 when he allegedly dated Prince Andrews eldest daughter Princess Beatrice aged 17
Paolo Liuzzo was just 23 when he allegedly dated Prince Andrew's eldest daughter Princess Beatrice aged 17

Liuzzo's friend claimed: "He began using a lot of pharmaceutical drugs but that later led to cocaine and harder drugs. It was a very fast lifestyle and we all feared it would catch up with him eventually."

"He was always borrowing money to pay loans. It became a vicious cycle."

Before his relationship with Beatrice, Liuzzo had reportedly been arrested for manslaughter due to the fist-fight death of a student in Massachusetts. The charge got downgraded to assault and battery and he served 100 hours of community service.

Liuzzo was once reportedly seen on a skiing trip to Switzerland with Beatrice and her parents, Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, but his relationship with King Charles's niece came to an end in 2006.