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Jennifer Lopez not happy with Ben Affleck getting ‘sympathy points’ over split rumours

Jennifer Lopez believes it takes two to tango amid Ben Affleck divorce speculations

By Web Desk
June 09, 2024
Jennifer Lopez shares her views on Ben Affleck split speculations

Jennifer Lopez does not want to be seen as the villain amid her divorce rumours with Ben Affleck

A source spilled to the Star magazine, “Jennifer’s keeping her head up. She doesn’t want to be seen as the villain.”

The pair, who tied the knot in 2022, could not agree on work-life balance as the source noted, “Jennifer has a big entourage that follows her around daily — glam squad, videographers, photographers, assistants, trainers.”

“She’s tried to make Ben understand that being Jennifer Lopez is a 24/7 job. She is her brand; she lives and breathes it while Ben can leave his work at the door if he chooses to,” shared an insider.

It is pertinent to mention that Ben has been spotted with his children, while JLo’s main focus is her work.

Jennifer Lopez not happy with Ben Affleck getting ‘sympathy points’ over split rumours

“She has a lot of people in her corner, encouraging her to stay strong. Jennifer doesn’t begrudge him spending time with his kids. But she doesn’t think it’s fair he’s getting ‘sympathy points’ for it,” explained an insider.

The source told the outlet, “Jennifer could say a lot. Like how Ben shares the blame for the state their marriage is in now. It takes two to tango. It also takes two to mess up a relationship.”

Earlier, OK! reported that the couple wasn’t seen in public for some time.

“Ben doesn’t agree with Jennifer’s lifestyle and feels worn down by the marriage,” remarked an insider.

The source added, “Both have demanding careers that often require them to be in different cities.”