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Kate Middleton spotted supporting George, Charlotte's new daring passion

Prince George, Princess Charlotte embark on a brand new daring hobby to follow in their parents footsteps

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June 03, 2024
Princess Kate spotted supporting Prince George, Princess Charlottes new daring passion
Princess Kate spotted supporting Prince George, Princess Charlotte's new daring passion

Kate Middleton and Prince William, who love sports, are seen taking Prince George and Princess Charlotte to a local sports club as the young royals have embarked on a brand new hobby.

The Princess of Wales, who's undergoing cancer treatment, is very much keen to maintain family life as normal, and she supports her children's hobbies.

George, 10, and Charlotte, nine, have been spotted taking sailing lessons at a local club, near their family home in Sandringham.

A villager connected to a sailing club in Norfolk has reveled they often spot the Princess of Wales taking her two eldest children for lessons.

"I have seen Kate bringing George and Charlotte here for lessons. You often see their car arrive," the villager told the Mail on Sunday.

"Someone takes them out so that they can learn the ropes, while Kate stays on shore. She waits in the club and sits on the balcony. She likes reading and sunbathing," according to the local villager.  

"Sometimes William is here as well, keeping an eye out and watching their boat coming back. It is great that they have a chance to do normal things."

George, 10, and Charlotte, nine, are taking part in daring sports to follow in their Parents' footsteps as both William and Kate are know for their love for the water sports. 

Princess Kate, who's patron of the sailing charity 1851 Trust, took up sailing as a child and worked as a deckhand on luxury yachts in the Solent during her gap year. William also learned to sail from a young age and the competitive couple have raced against each other in the past.