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Dakota Fanning takes page out of 'The Watchers', inspires actors

Dakota Fanning share tips for the aspiring actors at The Watcher premiere

By Web Desk
June 03, 2024
Dakota Fanning shares words of wisdom to the young actors
Dakota Fanning shares words of wisdom to the young actors 

Dakota Fanning offered a piece of sage advice for the upcoming aspiring actors after filming The Watchers in the cold forest. 

During a conversation with People Magazine on Sunday, June 2, at the New York premiere of the horror thriller, the actress, who has been showing off her acting chops in front of the camera since she was five years old, spoke from her experience.

"As long as you love it, you're in the right place," Fanning, 30, described. "Sometimes you're working in a cold, wet forest, and if you can still have fun there, then you're on the right track."

Interestingly, her tip seemed to be inspired by the theme of the creepy thriller, which was set deep in the forests of Ireland.

Additionally, The Watchers story centers around Fanning as Mina, an artist and pet shop worker whose car breaks down in the middle of the ominous woods.

Mina seeks refuge in a sort of glass house alongside three strangers, who are watched over by mysterious creatures after sunset.

The upcoming film, slated to release on June 7, featured Fanning co-starring with Alistair Brammer, Charles Camrose, Georgina Campbell, Hannah Howland, Oliver Finnegan, and newcomer Ishana.