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Kate Middleton's cancer: Anti-monarchy group CEO makes shocking comments

Anti-monarchy group Republic head breaks silence about Princess Kate's cancer and health

By Web Desk
May 30, 2024
Anti-monarchy group chief makes surprising remarks about princess Kates health
Anti-monarchy group chief makes surprising remarks about princess Kate's health

Graham Smith, CEO of the anti-monarchy group Republic, has broken his silence about the attention and scrutiny around cancer-stricken Kate Middleton's health.

The chief left hosts in surprise with his unexpected comments about Catherine, saying she is a "regular person" and should be left alone to recover with her family.

Smith, on GB News' podcast The Royal Record, seemingly defended Princess Kate amid her fight against cancer, admitting it's not good to speculate about her health.

Speaking to Royal Correspondent Cameron Walker, Smith said: "I think that she is on the public payroll and there’s an expectation that she does something in return for the lavish lifestyle. So knowing that she has cancer and therefore, that is why she is not around is fair enough."

He finally admitted: "But I just think that whole need to get into the private lives of these people is unhealthy."

Smith continued: "I think a lot of the speculation was just bordering on slightly bizarre and then there’s also been a whole load of slightly more fawning conversation and speculation about her and sort of putting [her] on this pedestal.

"And she is just a regular person going through a tough time, and she should be left to get on with it with her family. And it doesn’t need any more than that."

Prince William's wife Kate Middleton sent shockwaves across the globe as she confirmed her cancer diagnosis via a video message in March following weeks of speculation and conspiracy theories regarding her whereabouts.