Tuesday June 18, 2024

BTS' Jin, Coldplay collab? Talks spark near singer's military discharge

BTS' Jin released 'Astronaut' written by Coldplay before his military enlistment

By Web Desk
May 30, 2024
Chris Martin from Coldplay gifted his iconic guitar to BTS member Jin
Chris Martin from Coldplay gifted his iconic guitar to BTS member Jin

Kim Seokjin, widely known by his stage name Jin, is slated to be released from mandatory military service in just a couple of weeks. With his return, fans are buzzing with excitement about various potential projects, including one with the British band Coldplay.

The 31-year-old South Korean singer-songwriter released a solo track, Astronaut, before his enlistment. The track was written by Coldplay.

Notably, he is the only BTS member who hasn’t released a solo album yet, which has fueled fans' excitement for a possible debut solo album in 2024 following his military discharge.

In addition, Wootteo, Jin’s character from his song Astronaut, has finally returned from a long hiatus and updated its Instagram feed.

Moon, Jin's nickname, seems to be a theme, as Coldplay recently changed its display picture to show the phases of the moon. Moreover, Martin was spotted wearing a Wootteo pin, and the band took the plushie character to their concerts.

Fans quickly speculated about the connection between Wootteo’s return and Coldplay concerts.

One fan noted, "Aww, Coldplay brought Wootteo on stage again, and Chris Martin wore a Wootteo pin on his shirt during their latest performance. Since Seokjin enlisted, they never forgot to carry Wootteo everywhere with them. They truly love Seokjin so much."

Another added, "The fact that Coldplay has been hinting at their upcoming album 'Moon Music,' and started bringing Wootteo to their concerts again... now Wootteo is posting on IG, and the planet where Wootteo is sitting looks similar to Coldplay’s moon concept. So, Seokjin x Coldplay collab soon?"

The hints and connections have led fans to believe that a collaboration between Jin and Coldplay could be on the horizon following Jin's post-military career.