Friday June 14, 2024

Kim Kardashian and Chloe Sevigny's 'Actors on Actors' pairing: fans call 'slap in face'

Jon Hamm, Chloe Sevigny, and Kim Kardashian highlight Variety's controversial series

By Web Desk
May 30, 2024
Critics decry celebrity focus in Varietys Actors on Actors
Critics decry celebrity focus in Variety's 'Actors on Actors'

Kim Kardashian has ignited a fierce backlash after fans discovered she would be appearing on Variety's prestigious Actors on Actors series alongside Oscar-nominated actress Chloe Sevigny. 

The announcement left internet users outraged and perplexed, given Kardashian's limited acting experience, having starred in only one television series.

The series is renowned for featuring accomplished performers in conversations about their work. 

This year's edition highlights 'the biggest stars of this year's Emmys season,' according to the publication. 

Alongside Kardashian and Sevigny, the list includes Jon Hamm, who criticized her in a 2012 interview, calling her a 'f**king idiot.'

Both recently starred in projects by legendary producer Ryan Murphy, with Sevigny appearing in Feud: Capote vs. The Swans and Kardashian in American Horror Story: Delicate. 

Critics described the pairing as an insult to Sevigny, an established series actor known for her dedication to the craft.

"This is an insult and a slap in the face to Chloe, who actually is a series actor who loves the art," one user commented. 

Another user criticized the choice, lamenting the emphasis on celebrity culture over meaningful discussions in the entertainment industry. 

"It's disappointing to see the continued focus on celebrity culture over substantive conversations. There are countless talented actors deserving of recognition beyond the realm of tabloid headlines," they wrote.