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Prince Harry unable to 'see eye to eye' with cancer-stricken King Charles, Kate

Pricne Harry did not meet King Charles during his visit to the UK

By Web Desk
May 29, 2024
Prince Harry cant see eye to eye with cancer-stricken King Charles, Kate
Prince Harry 'can't see eye to eye' with cancer-stricken King Charles, Kate

Prince Harry is unable to bring himself to approach King Charles and Princess Kate as they both remained embroiled in health crisis.

The Duke of Sussex failed to visit either of the senior royals during his recent trip to the UK, where he went to celebrate 10 years of The Invictus Games.

Speaking to The Mirror, royal author Tom Quinn reflected on the headlines that were made over the perceived snub, noting he is unable to satisfy the public regardless of his actions.

"When he returns and avoids his family he gets bad publicity; if he doesn't return and stays in his mansion in California he gets bad publicity,” he told the outlet.

“And with his father and sister-in-law both stricken with cancer he just can't win – unless he makes a real effort to visit them and that is something he just can't bring himself to do.

"It's not a good look. Harry and Meghan, the picture of youthful, physical health are so locked into their feud with Harry’s family that even serious illness is not enough to make the couple forgive and forget,” Tom added.