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Rishi Sunak offers great opportunity for Louis, Charlotte, George: 'live in bedrooms'

The Prime Minister of the UK has pledged to bring back national service for youngsters if elected

By Web Desk
May 29, 2024
George, Charlotte and Louis will be utlizing this opportunity if the Conservative Party do get in

Rishi Sunak's proposal to reintroduce national service in the UK could be advantageous for younger members of the Royal Family, Royal commentator Lizzie Cundy claimed.

The Prime Minister has announced that, if re-elected in July, he plans to offer 18-year-olds the option of either a full-time 12-month military placement or a volunteer scheme requiring one weekend per month for a year. 

Despite facing criticism from ministers, Cundy asserts that the policy is a "great thing" for both society and the Royal Family.

Speaking to Nana Akua on GBN America, she said: I think it's a great thing. I think it's a great thing for our society, for the younger generation and I think it's a great thing for the Royal Family.

"Many of the younger ones in the royals [George, Charlotte and Louis] will be going and doing this if the Conservative Party do get in. I think that can be nothing but a good thing for us to see them out in our communities working and helping.

Rishi Sunak offers great opportunity for Louis, Charlotte, George: live in bedrooms

"I think it's what we need in this country right now, where there's a lot of disillusionment in the younger generations that just live in their bedrooms. They are hermits basically. It's great that they're going to be out there focusing and getting opportunities. And I think it's wonderful that the Royal Family could be involved with this."

GBNA host Nana added: "Also they [Royals] would be more connected wouldn't they? With the young people.

"And it gives people a chance to get close to the royals because, a lot of them probably won't, but just to reimagine them in the minds of the young. So again they continue because I think a Royal Family in this country is a very good thing."

Cundy responded: "I totally agree with you, Nana. I think a lot of the younger generation forget how amazing and incredible our Royal Family are.

"I think it will bring that bridge to bring them closer together and bond the younger generation with the Royal Family again. Don't forget, the Royal Family are fantastic. We love seeing Prince George, Charlotte and Louis and imagine them growing up and having that sort of deeper relationship with the public. It can be nothing but a good thing."

Speaking about the national service plans at a campaign event recently Sunak said it will be "transformational" for teenagers by providing them with "skills and opportunities... some structure, some rules".

He added: "I think it will be really brilliant for young people to have this rite of passage that they go through with everything that it teaches them andjust keeps them out of trouble.

"I've talked to so many parents worried about what their kids are doing in the evenings, at the weekends. So I think this will be wonderful for young people, but I also think it'll be great for our country."