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Princess Kate latest outing comes under suspicion: ‘No pictures’

Kate Middleton’s recovery does not confirm earlier return to public duties

By Web Desk
May 29, 2024
Princess Kate latest outing comes under suspicion: ‘No pictures’

Kate Middleton is currently recovering from her cancer treatment at Sandringham Palace surrounded by her close friends and family.

However, the Princess of Wales has also been spotted “out and about” with her family, according to MailOnline’s Rebecca English, sparking hopes of an earlier return to royal duties.

Royal commentator Charles Rae told GB News that Kate may be recovering well and feeling better, it should not be confused with her return.

“She’s with her family, but the palace is making it quite clear that this should not be confused with her returning to work any time soon,” Rae explained.

“There are even some suggestions that she won't return to work probably until the autumn. And there's one suggestion that may not even be till next year. So, that's slightly worrying.”

He also noted that it is also a worrisome sign that in the age of camera phones there were no photos of the Princess seen in the public.

“No pictures of have been seen of the princess out and about,” he told the outlet. “I’m surprised that with all the people who’ve got camera phones that we haven’t seen her, but we have to accept that that she is out and about.”

Rae added that there was “no date” for Kate’s return and highlighted that she “clearly feels that she needs a lot more time and space.”