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Clint Eastwood's youngest daughter announces new addition to family

Clint Eastwood shares Morgan with ex-wife Dina Eastwood

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May 29, 2024
Clint Eastwoods youngest daughter announces pregnancy
Clint Eastwood's youngest daughter announces pregnancy

Clint Eastwood’s youngest daughter Morgan recently announced her pregnancy news with fiancé Tanner Koopmans.

The 93-year-old film icon’s daughter took to her Instagram to announce the arrival of their first child.

Sharing two photos of her baby bump on the social media giant, the 27-year-old cradled her bump alongside Koopmans.

She captioned the post: “Our Baby.”

In the second photo, the couple could be seen exchanging looks while Morgan caressed her baby bump.

Her family rushed to the comments section, leaving heartfelt notes for the couple.

Morgan’s brother Scott Eastwood wrote: “Can’t wait to meet her!”

While her mother Dina Fisher chimed in, adding: “My baby havin a baby!!!!!”

This came after the family last celebrated the arrival of Francesca’s son Titan in 2018.

Her uncle Scott wrote at the time: “Welcome to our newest member of the family. Little baby Titan. That’s a cute baby being held By an old washed-up actor uncle."

For the unversed, Clint is a father to eight kids, including Morgan, Scott and Alison, Laurie Murray, Kimber Lynn Eastwood, Kyle Eastwood, Kathryn Eastwood, and Francesca Eastwood.