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Johnny Wactor's ex Tessa Farrell mourns 'General Hospital' star’s death

Tessa Farrell, 'General Hospital' actor Johnny Wactor's ex-fiancée saddens as star dies

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May 29, 2024
Johnny Wactors ex-fiancée, Tessa Farrell reacts to star’s death
Johnny Wactor's ex-fiancée, Tessa Farrell reacts to star’s death

Johnny Wactor, the late General Hospital actor’s ex-fiancée, Tessa Farrell reacts to the star’s death sadly.

An actress herself, Farrell shared an emotional video to TikTok, calling Wactor "a bright soul," gushing how he "lit up the room."

Wactor, who is best known for his role as Brando Corbin on General Hospital, was shot and killed in downtown Los Angeles over the weekend at the age of 37.

Farrell also claimed that she helped her late ex get sober, remarking that she hasn’t met him for several years after they first met in 2013.

"I'm so happy that he found sobriety after that relationship," Farrell said. "I was able to guide him to AA and he was there for the rest of his life and sober and proud."

She also called out Wactor's killer, who still remains at large.

"The person who did this, if you're watching, I'm sorry but you shot the wrong guy," she said. "You can get a real job. I know the job market's hard, but we're all in it together. You don't have to steal, especially take a life over it."

She ended her video tribute by calling Wactor a "rising star" and calling out the anonymous female co-worker who was supposedly with Wactor at the time of his death, seeking to have a word with her.