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Victoria Beckham makes shocking admission about her body image issues

Victoria Beckham reveals she is disciplined with her diet and doesn't count calories for now

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May 29, 2024
Victoria Beckham reflects on her body image struggles

Victoria Beckham has recently addressed body image issues and how it once prevented her from "watching her children play on the beach".

In a new interview with Grazia, the fashion designer revealed, "I never want to look like I’m complaining, but there were times in the past that I haven’t felt confident enough to sit on a beach and watch my children play."

However, now Victoria is quite confident about herself and "more accepting of her looks" and claimed that negative comments about her appearance "don't bother her now".

The Spice Girl singer explained that she is "disciplined" with her diet though and works out regularly but "life is too short for calorie counting".

"This is how I look. I’m going to make the best of it, work hard at it," remarked the 50-year-old.

Victoria told the outlet, "I’m very disciplined with the way that I eat, the way that I work out and the way I work. That’s just who I am."

Victoria Beckham makes shocking admission about her body image issues

'But I do like to have a drink and I’m not going to be one these, “Ah, there are too many calories in a glass of wine” types. Whatever. Life’s too short. Let’s have a nice time," she added.

Interestingly, Victoria's husband David Beckham opened up that the mum-of-four had eaten the same dish for 25 years, which incldued grilled fish and steamed vegetables.

Reflecting on Victoria's specific eating habits on the River Cafe Table 4 podcast, her husband David explained, "I get quite emotional about food and wine, when I'm eating something great I want everyone to try it."

However, Victoria would "rarely deviate from her set menu".

Meanwhile, the former football star added Victoria "once tried other food during her pregnancy with daughter Harper".