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Jennifer Lopez details filming 'intense' scenes for 'Atlas'

The sci-fi/action film 'Atlas' stars Jennifer Lopez, Simu Liu and Sterling K. Brown

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May 28, 2024
Jennifer Lopez details filming intense scenes for Atlas
Jennifer Lopez details filming 'intense' scenes for 'Atlas'

Jennifer Lopez opened up about filming some 'intense' scenes for her newly released sci-fi/action film Atlas.

In conversation with Extra TV, the Boy Next Door actress recalled shooting in a box with a green screen behind her. 

She said, "I thought it would be me by myself, be so fast, do the takes, don't have to worry about anybody else, you know, not remembering their lines."

The Mother actress continued, "Like, it's just me, do you know what I mean? So I'm there, and then it's like, okay, first day, 'You're falling through the planets!' It's, like, going crazy. 'Now your leg broke!'"

"It was so high intensity every day, and without having another actor to give you half the energy, it's just all you, I was exhausted. I was exhausted. I would leave the 'Atlas' set limping," Lopez added. 

Moreover, the actress also shared her experience of sharing the screen with her co-stars Simu Liu and Sterling K. Brown in their forthcoming Netflix movie.

Lopez stated, "It was comfortable, easy, fun. I mean, when you get to work with really, really great actors, it’s always such a treat for me, you know, so I loved it. I had a really good time with these guys. They're awesome."