Tuesday June 25, 2024

Ed Sheeran's childhood dream comes true as he performs with 'The Offspring'

Ed Sheeran expressed his fondness for 'The Offspring' in a heartfelt Instagram post

By Web Desk
May 28, 2024
Ed Sheeran lives his childhood dream by performing with 'The Offspring'

Ed Sheeran seemed to be on cloud nine as he shared a stage with his childhood favourite rock band, The Offspring.

For the unversed, the Shape of You Singer performed with The Offspring at the BottleRock Napa Valley festival in California, on May 26, 2024.

Taking to Instagram, the singer shared a video clip of his powerful performance with the band members and penned a heartfelt note, expressing his fondness for The Offspring.

Ed Sheeran began his note, "The first album I ever bought was the @offspring - Conspiracy of One. I used to pretend to be in their band in the mirror and sing along to the album when I was 9, mostly to their song Million Miles Away as it was the first song of theirs I heard."

He added, "I mentioned it in an interview and Noodles / Dexter got in touch with me when we found out we were all playing the same festival, to see if I wanted to get on stage and sing it. It was an instant yes obvz."

The Perfect singer revealed that he felt like living his childhood dream by performing with the band. He continued, "Thank you for having me up there guys." 

"Music is a wild ride, every day I’m so grateful to be living my dream in reality. Hope you enjoy the vid," Ed Sheeran concluded his caption.