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Jason Kelce shares strong reaction after Kylie being called a 'homemaker'

Jason Kelce pens his thoughts on Harrison Butker's controversial comment about women in his speech

By Web Desk
May 28, 2024
Jason Kelce shares his thoughts after Kylie was called a homemaker
Jason Kelce shares his thoughts after Kylie was called a homemaker 

Jason Kelce has recently shared his strong reaction after his wife Kylie Kelce was called a "homemaker whose home is a mess".

Responding to a post on X( formerly known as Twitter), Jason wrote, "I think of [Kylie] as my wife and a mother and that she has an occupation, as do I, and we keep our house the best we can."

He stated, "Our marriage is a partnership, we are equals who are figuring it out on the daily. The only expectation is that we love each other, support one another, and are committed to our family, that comes first."

"We both raise our kids, we both work, We both keep our home. It is both our faults. It is messy, but such is life with 3 young children, busy schedules, and neither of us being neat freaks," added the 36-year-old.

In the statement, Jason also mentioned that he would not "downplay" the role of a homemaker, saying, "If being a homemaker, works for some, and that’s what they want, then hell yea [sic], that’s awesome, more power to you… but that is not our family dynamic."

Jason's statement came after Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker’s controversial comments about women in his speech at Benedictine College on May 11.

Harrison's speech was slammed by NFL and celebrities including Maria Shriver, Flavor Flav and more after he made controversial comments claiming women have been told "diabolical lies about topics including abortion, in vitro fertilization (IVF) and surrogacy".