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Prince Harry refuses to be in same room as William in bombshell decision

Prince Harry makes bombshell decision as his feud with William deepens

By Web Desk
May 27, 2024

Prince Harry has made a very shocking decision as his feud with elder brother Prince William deepened.

The Duke of Sussex has reportedly refused to be in the same room as William and turned down an invitation to his close friend Hugh Grosvenor's marriage to Olivia Henson on June 7 at Chester Cathedral.

Hugh is a close friend of both Harry and William and some members of the royal family are expected to be in attendance on his big day. However, Harry has turned down a "save the date" to the wedding.

"Harry's decision not to attend his old friend the Hugh Grosvenor's wedding was probably inevitable once he realised his brother would be there," Royal author Tom Quinn told The Mirror.

A friend of Harry's said: 'Harry definitely had second thoughts about turning down the invitation to Hugh's wedding but he can’t bear the idea of being in the same building as his brother let alone the same room'."

Tom also said Harry "felt he should have been usher" at the wedding. He explained: "Harry hates the idea of completely losing touch with his old Etonian and army friends and he was close to Hugh Grosvenor, but attending a wedding at which his brother will be an usher is just history repeating itself in the most painful way."

He added: "Harry felt he should have been invited to be an usher, but once again his brother takes precedence." Tom's comments come after a source claimed Harry was "triggered" to decline the invitation when he found out William was being made an usher.

Some royal experts believe William was asked to take up a leading role in the wedding and that’s what triggered Harry to decline an invitation.

 It was initially reported that the Duke didn't receive an invitation to the wedding. However, it was later revealed Harry and Meghan were given a "save the date card" a few months ago, but felt it would "be too awkward" to attend amid their feud with his brother William and other royals.